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Stamped concrete floors are a common choice among our customers because we deliver a wide range of the market’s most lifelike stamped concrete patterns and have many choices that will definitely suit your needs. Concrete custom designs surfaces on your property personalize your space with a unique finish while also delivering the strength and reliability that comes with choosing one of the most dependable building materials available. To highlight the aesthetic of your house, you have searched for the perfect contractors. Concrete delivers longevity as well. Making the call to our contractors at Houston Stamped Concrete provides you with the best of beauty, durability, and excellent Stamped Concrete Contractors. Our concrete resurfacing artisans are highly trained on every project we do to provide one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and efficiency.

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Stamped Concrete Process

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Stamped Concrete is the method in which a number of different surfaces such as wood, brick, flagstone, stone, tile, cobblestone, or a variety of different shapes and designs may be ‘stamped’ with interior or exterior concrete. Concrete custom designs can be an attractive and economical alternative to natural paving materials or plain poured concrete. Due to the durability and longevity of concrete, stamped concrete is a cost-effective material to ensure long-lasting and beautiful surfaces for your home or business.
Concrete custom designs is one of the most common options for property owners who wish for more decorative concrete surfaces at a more affordable rate. It provides a broad range of designs and patterns. Its decorative and functional features are ideal for enticing potential customers and acquiring good profit.

Factors that Affect Concrete Cost?

Compared to installing high-end flooring or paving materials, stamping concrete is more affordable. The project size plays a huge role in determining overall costs because the cost is calculated per square foot.

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More About Stamped Concrete Service in Houston

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We can perfectly reproduce rough stone textures or the smoothness of tile. This style of decorative concrete resurfacing is favored over others by many property owners. Here are clear examples why: Undeniably attractive are stamped textures. It can be built to look like natural stone, running bricks, and other high-end materials. Staining the layout will make it look more functional. The textured surface increases slip resistance, making it safer for the surface to walk or drive on. It can be performed on old or new indoor and outdoor surfaces, and in both residential and commercial areas. Stamped surfaces are easy and convenient to clean and maintain. Although the presence of joints and gaps is imitated by it, these are just shallow grooves.

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When it comes to aesthetics, it is hard to beat what concrete design has to offer. Houston Stamped Concrete offers a virtually unlimited selection of patterns and decorative options.

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I just had to write to you & THANK YOU for the incredible job on our Stamped Concrete design! It has added a whole new dimension to our home, we couldn’t be happier!! Since I couldn’t make up my mind on which colors to use, your recommendations were just perfect! I also want to thank your crew; it’s refreshing to deal with people that really are concerned with satisfying the customer! So glad I found them. I would recommend your services HIGHLY to anyone! Keep up the good work!! Houston Stamped Concrete Company has all!

Harry Wilson

Houston, Texas

Why Choose Us For Your Stamped Concrete needs?

Exciting Color Palettes

Stamping concrete is available in many colors, so we can find a combination that will blend with your home and the rest of your landscape. Houston Stamped Concrete will fully assist you in making color selections & patterns for your Stamped Concrete project. We can ensure you will find the finish you are looking For.


In the HOUSTON climate, Wood decks must be refinished and sealed every year to keep their beauty, a custom concrete design in your patio needs very little maintenance to retain its beautiful appearance. Washing off the surface occasionally and applying a new coat of sealant every two or three years will keep your Stamped Concrete in good condition.

Patterns & Designs

Concrete custom design is a very versatile substance, we can create any shape, curve, and straight edge, etc. you can think of for your stamped concrete patio. There is simply no other surface that will give you the VAST selection of design options that concrete can create.

Affordable Cost

Concrete patios do have a broad range of prices, depending on the style and size of the proposed Concrete project. Stamped Concrete is a relatively low-cost option to other types of outdoor living spaces like real slate, flagstone, or wood decking, or synthetic wood.

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