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Concrete Walkways and Sidewalks are common features that will complete and welcome your house. They can be built in your backyard and front yard and come in a variety of styles to fit different tastes. Pathways, in addition to offering decoration options, provide guidance and can lead guests from the sidewalk to the doorbell. It is critical to identify seasoned builders who can create the entrance walkways you imagine while looking to build them. The Houston Stamped Concrete team’s goal as a dependable concrete contractor is to build the highest quality walkways and sidewalks in Houston.
Cement sidewalks and bridges will provide a convenient route for people to take for several decades. Contact us if you need new natural gray walkways and sidewalks built, or repairs.

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Concrete Walkways and Sidewalks Process

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Waterproofing concrete walkways are very common paths for pedestrians to use alongside roads in Houston. Decorative concrete sidewalks, such as mini bricks, decorative designs, have been selected by different municipal and county regions, are also products that we service.
Finishing your concrete installation correctly is also a significant element in the final look of your new walkway and sidewalks. If it needs stamping or another decorative finish, finishing the concrete is usually a three-step procedure that involves leveling off the concrete with a screed to create a flat surface, floating the concrete with wood, and broom to increase traction.
Concrete can be used to complete the Walkways and Sidewalks in a variety of ways. Concrete stands out since it is usually built to look like stone, mortar, tile, and so on.

How much do Walkways & Sideways installation cost?

Concrete walkways and sidewalks cost of installation depend on a number of factors, mainly the type of concrete used, the size of the job, and how much specialty/design you want.

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More About Concrete Walkways and Sidewalks Service in Houston

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We are concrete experts that can design and build the perfect sidewalk or walkway for your property. Walkway and sidewalk design options for existing or new concrete.
*Stamped Concrete Patterns (75 Different Patterns Available)
*Colored Concrete Options with Traditional Finish on surface
*Stained Walkways with Dye, Flat Color Options, or Acid Stain
*Overlays (Spray-Deck Texture/Stamped Patterns)
*Sidewalk/Walkway Maintenance
*Sidewalk Replacements
*Sidewalk Repairs
*Sidewalk Installations
*Traditional, Decorative, and Modern Designs to Choose From
We want you to enjoy your sidewalk for a lifetime. We offer a wide variety of concrete walkways and sidewalks to meet your needs. Whether you need a small path on your property, a new concrete sidewalk, or a larger walkway to connect different buildings, we have you covered.

Why do you want to finish Walkways & Sidewalks from us?

If you decide to finish the new concrete walkways & sidewalks with a professional company, it will ensure that all existing concrete is gone, removed, and carried away for you.

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Our trusted concrete walkways and sidewalks contractors can enhance your home’s appearance

I can say that I am really pleased with the outcome of my Walkway and sidewalk. The Houston Stamped Concrete team did an excellent job on my Walkway and sidewalk design. Had Stamped Concrete Houston by to do a quote and employee showed up and designed a great exposed aggregate and stamp border walkways and sidewalks at the side of the house done as well. The concrete Walkway and sidewalk extension look great. The team’s work was top-notch and high quality. The price was reasonable and the job was complete in a few days. I would definitely recommend this company for Walkways and sidewalks designs.

Cindy Bell

Houston, Texas

Why Choose Us For Your Concrete Walkways and Sidewalks needs?


There are obvious advantages of installing walkways and sidewalks. Concrete paths are easy to build and preserve. When they have done, they make your home more inviting, so guests will take paths directly to your front door. Homes with green paths are unfinished and separate from the neighborhood.


Another advantage of concrete sidewalks and walkways is the possibility of creating them. You may design concrete paths using a number of materials, including bricks, paving stones, and poured concrete, among others. To make the entrance walkways stand out, you can use various paints, engraving, lamination, and decorative borders.


Concrete walkways and sidewalks also make it easy to decorate the outside. Pathways may have seasonal roses, lanterns, and twinkly lights on the edges, in addition to making your home part of the neighborhood by connecting the cement sidewalk to your front door. A clear pathway will still look stunning and inviting, even without these decorations.


You can rely on our years of concrete construction and design expertise to help you build some stunning new walkways and sidewalks on your house, no matter how big or complicated your sidewalk project is. When you pick Houston Stamped Concrete, you will have curves, rounded corners, stamped surfaces, and more.

Call our skilled concrete walkways and sidewalks contractors and ask about all the options available for your home.