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No home without a concrete patio is full. A spacious patio on your property provides you with the ability to live it up big. Houston Stamped Concrete’s designers love to work with you to bring your outdoor fireplaces for your stamped terrace, fire pit in your imprinted courtyard, an outdoor kitchen of your textured veranda or patterned lanai entertainment area dreams come true. We give your house a look that stretches for miles. You can choose from a full range of choices, from textures and colors of flagstone, slate, tile, stone, wood plank and so much more. From installation to repair, maintenance, and more, we give you the solutions you want. From design to installation, we take care of all the steps needed on your stamped concrete patios in Houston, TX.

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Concrete Patio Process

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A colored concrete patio is an ideal spot to enjoy the comforts of the indoors in an outdoor setting. It’s like the best of all worlds to have. Concrete is the most common patio material in the United States. Why? To fit unique lifestyles and most budgets, it is flexible enough to be shaped and designed in several different ways. However, time and use will wear down the surface of the patio, causing it to crack, crumble, and discolor. It’s a good thing that these can be fixed, resurfaced, and refinished. When we finish, you have the perfect addition to your yard to complement your patio cover, arbor, or deck — or to simply add safety, usability, and, of course, to the beauty of your home.

What are the reasons that patios are increasing in popularity?

Incredible versatility that allows you to choose any color, pattern, or shape that you desire. The ability to imitate the beautiful appearance of stone, brick, or marble that coordinates with the rest of your backyard additions.

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Benefits of a Concrete Patio
More and more materials are being made available for use on outdoor custom patios in Houston nowadays. However, some property owners still stick to concrete and here are good reasons why:
It can be colored to match or complement the exterior of the house or other outdoor elements like fences, pool decks, and more.
There is an almost endless list of design options when it comes to texture and patterns.
Concrete patios are durable and long-lasting, as long as properly installed and sealed.
Cleaning and maintenance are both simple and easy.
The overall concrete patio cost is more economical than other paving options. What’s more, the aesthetic appeal and functionality that our work provides can also help raise your property value

Why do we think our patio represents the owner's lifestyle??

We believe that cement patios should reflect the lifestyle of the owners. That’s why we make sure that we get to know our customers, their wants and needs, and what would benefit them the most.

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Our trusted concrete patio contractors can enhance your home’s appearance

We just finished our second patio with Houston Stamped Concrete and once again we were very pleased with the final outcome, the design help, and the high level of customer service of the company. The customer service and positive friendly nature of all the employees are very refreshing. The quality of the work and the help all along the design and style and color selection process were fantastic. I would and have a couple of times, recommend Houston Stamped Concrete to anyone looking for a beautiful covered patio in Houston and great customer service. Thank you” 5 stars all the way.

Eric Witt

Houston, Texas

Why Choose Us For Your Concrete Patio needs?

Initial Cost

The initial cost of a typical curved concrete patio is far less than that of a wooden deck or using paving stones. Concrete patios return a range of investments from as low as 30% to as high as 60%. If you want to increase the value of your home, make wise styling choices.

Stylistic Versatility of Concrete Patio

Traditional wooden decks are relatively simple to build, with the balcony material and stain and sealant colors providing the most design flexibility. Sophisticated design choices, such as embossing or engraving patterns and logos into concrete surfaces, from slate to marble, are available on the higher end.


The great advantage of a Concrete Patio is its longevity. It won’t split or crack when exposed to the elements. Your stamped concrete will look as good after a decade of use as it did the day it was built. If properly maintained, the surface material can last longer and withstand damage from rain, ice, and heat.


Concrete patios are inexpensive and quick solutions but offer limited style choices to the color of the crushed stone and the material used to border it. In sharp contrast, there are thousands of options when selecting the style and finish of a patio. A backyard concrete patio, although more affordable than other types and look luxurious.

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