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The concrete front porch is one of the most remarkable aspects of the outside of a house. The entrance porch is a significant design feature whether it is a small concrete landing and walkway that welcomes visitors to your door or a winding patio with a sitting room. Sometimes they come in different styles. For instance, a cement porch made by a dynamic duo with matching steps. Using the same color and style, both amalgamate the look and transition to your front door smoothly. See these concrete porch ideas for new surfaces in order to give a perfect first impression. Whether you have struggled with ideas for your porch on the front or need to update your porch on the front. The Houston Stamped Concrete team would build the greatest concrete porches.

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Concrete Porches Process

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Concrete Porches in various styles can be used as a deck, complete with long narrow steps and traditional brick trim. A built-in barbecue, paired with the mixing and matching of natural wooden hues, creates a humid, comforting atmosphere in which to unwind. The finishing of your porches is also critical in terms of the overall appearance of your new porches. If you want your concrete front porch to be picture-perfect, Sweep It Up, Wipe It Down, Make It Pop is a traditional move in completing porches. Concrete offers an alternate finish of superior longevity as well as many decorating options such as concrete staining, stamping, and painting in Houston TX. Once the concrete has dried, you will have a lovely aggregate  Porch covering.

What would I do to protect my concrete porch?

You can use brick pavers to cover a plain concrete slab porch. When adding a porch to your home, concrete provides a low-cost, durable building material.

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A Houston Stamped Concrete would bring more space to your house – it will give your property the appeal with customized choices. You have to know how to pick a Houston Stamped Concrete Porch for more inspiration for all. This company allows your home a distinguished and safe entry.
*We have decades of expertise in custom design and installation.
*We will assist you with your cement porch planning needs.
We make creating the entrance you want simple for you. One of our models from Houston Stamped Concrete will be at your place to give you professional advice suited to your porches. They will show you the variety of designs, colors, and decorative effects to make your porch exclusive. They’ll calculate and give you an estimated quote.

What is the expense of a concrete porch?

It will cost between $8 and $12 per square foot and is a wonderful combination. As a decorative concrete porch flooring alternative, consider stamped concrete.

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On my Concrete Porch, the Houston Stamped Concrete crew did an outstanding job. The team is courteous, competent, and produces high-quality work that the client appreciates. They add festive touches to your porch, making it feel more inviting. They give me the most reasonable price and finish their work on schedule. I will certainly suggest this company for concrete construction to others and will tell them about it. Houston Stamped Concrete has provided me with excellent service and it has been a true joy to partner with them. Thank you a lot. Highly recommended for Houston residence!!

Kimberly Staton

Houston, Texas

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Many homeowners are busy, so the maintenance and care of the elements of the home are important factors. Concrete is generally more durable than wood because it isn’t as vulnerable to scratches and weathering. A concrete slab porch can also be designed to mimic these building materials at a fraction of the cost.

Easy Maintenance

Porches are also easier to maintain and repair than genuine building materials. At close inspection, however, it is clear that decorative concrete is an impostor for higher-priced brick or stone. Like a brick finish, decorative tile and stone are often placed on a cement foundation.

Long-lasting and Safe

Because concrete is porous and has a rough surface, it doesn’t become slippery when it gets wet. Concrete porches are not typically damaged by water, even if they’re not painted, so you can leave the concrete bare, and eliminate the need to repaint every year.

Style and Function

Before committing to your porches, remember your requirements for indoor and outdoor lighting. Houston Stamped Concrete is commonly suitable for covered porches running all over the property, which minimize the amount of sunshine allowed through the front windows. We are perhaps more suitable for a concrete porch that blocks very little light but provides shade.

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